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Michael  Shuman

Michael Shuman

Michael Shuman
Continuing Instructor


Office: CPR 358 N
Phone: 813/974-5763



Michael Shuman is a Senior Instructor in the Department of English. He teaches classes the Professional Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology program, particularly Communications for Engineers and Communications for IT Professionals, a course he designed for the School of Information.

Dr. Shuman had extensive professional careers in both the newspaper and software development industries before joining the faculty at USF. He coordinates the department’s internship program and has developed professional relationships with over one hundred Tampa Bay companies and organizations providing service learning opportunities for students in English.

While primarily teaching technical communications, his current research interests includes film studies, especially film noir of the late 1940s and early 1950s, the psychoanalytic theory of Otto Rank, Norman Mailer, and contemporary science fiction. He is Deputy Editor of The Mailer Review.