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Susan  Mooney

Susan Mooney

Susan Mooney
Associate Professor, Comparative Literature
Director of Literature
Coordinator of the Graduate Certificate of Comparative Literature


Office: CPR 301-N
Phone: 813/974-9504


Susan Mooney received her Ph.D., Comparative Literature, from the University of Toronto in 2001. Her teaching areas include the modern novel, nineteenth-, twentieth-century and contemporary literature, literary theory, and film. Her research areas are interdisciplinary: censorship and sexuality in the modern novel; ethics and masculinity; history of the book and oral literary history. Her main language areas are English, Spanish, French, and Russian. In 2007, she received USF's Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award. In terms of theses and dissertations, she has supervised studies involving modernism, postmodernism, postcolonialism, narrative theory, Latino/a and Hispanic literature, African-American literature, gender and sexuality, and authors such as Joyce, Nabokov, Beckett, Wilde, Hurston, Coetzee, Allende, and McCarthy.

She is the author of The Artistic Censoring of Sexuality: Fantasy and Judgment in the Twentieth-Century Novel (Ohio State University Press, 2008).
For more about this book, see: http://www.ohiostatepress.org/index.htm?books/book%20pages/mooney%20artistia.html.

Dr. Mooney is currently completing a study entitled Writing Resistance: Censorship and the Novel, Theater, and Film in Franco's Spain. It explores the impact of censorship in Franco's Spain (1938-1975) and the transition (1975-1983) on Spanish literature and film through archival research of censorship files, interviews with prominent writers and directors, and critical analyses of selected works.

She is also writing a monograph entitled Masculinity and Its Others: Ethics of Sexual Relations in the Modern Novel. In it, she contributes to an understanding of the masculine subject and his sexuality in the novel since 1900 and to a recent renaissance in ethics and ethical and feminist criticism in the humanities.

She has published and presented conference papers on authors such as Joyce, Nabokov, Martín-Santos, Goytisolo, Marsé, Beckett, Góngora, Pushkin, Erofeev, Mary Shelley, Balzac, and others, and on topics such as violence, masculinity, femininity, narrative theory, literary genres including the Bildungsroman, psychoanalysis, print culture, censorship, emotions, and gender relations and theories.

For information regarding the Graduate Certificate of Comparative Literary Studies, see: http://gradcerts.usf.edu/certinfo.asp?ccode=XCL.
Current USF graduate students in English who wish to apply should also consult http://english.usf.edu/graduate/clcert/.

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Ph.D., University of Toronto (2001)

Specialty Area

Comparative Literature; Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Hispanic, British, French, Russian, and American Literatures; Theory; Beckett; Goytisolo; Joyce; Nabokov; Film