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The Department of English Internship Program

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The Department of English offers an internship for Tampa-based, degree-seeking, undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the program. This internship consists of supervised work-and-learning experience under the direction of a University faculty member and an employee of a participating sponsor organization. The internship is an option for students in the Literary Studies and Creative Writing programs and is required for all Professional Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology students. Internships may be available to qualified non-majors with program and department approval.

Undergraduate students participating in the internship must enroll in the ENC 4940 Internship class, while graduate students receive credit through enrollment in ENG 6946. This academic component requires reading and research related to the current job market and discussion concerning workplace issues and procedures. Both classes earn 3 semester hours of academic credit and the undergraduate class may be repeated one time with the same or with a different sponsor. Students report to the faculty advisor weekly through formal status reports and meet with the advisor at least three times during the internship period. A final professional portfolio is a significant part of this experience.

Local Tampa Bay businesses and organizations sponsoring students direct and counsel the intern in an on-the-job context for 10-12 hours each week for each 15-week semester. Sponsors are encouraged to treat the intern as a regular employee during the entire work-learning experience. The student's direct supervisor will evaluate the intern at mid-semester and at the end of the term. These evaluations are a significant factor in the student's internship class final grade assignment.

Student Benefits

In addition to acquiring internship work experience, students receive three semester credit hours of coursework credit. The internship experience also allows students to

  • Develop job search and interview skills
  • Explore diverse career options and interests
  • Develop or enhance professional skills and knowledge of workplace procedures
  • Develop networking contacts with professionals in a relevant field
  • Enhance professional resumes through on-the-job experience
  • Develop teamwork and leadership skills
  • Apply classroom learning to authentic work experience

Sponsor Benefits

Companies and organizations hosting interns benefit by having active and enthusiastic members of the workforce who are acquainted with the most recent practical tools and theory related to content management in professional communications. Interns also allow host enterprises to

  • Develop new solutions for common business practices
  • Integrate the latest tools and techniques into the daily workflow
  • Refine management skills by scheduling and supervising interns
  • Develop potential new employees or volunteers
  • Influence professional and technical curriculum development at USF to better meet business and industry standards
  • Contribute to the Tampa Bay professional community by enhancing and expanding available local talent

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