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Internship Documents and Forms

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How to Download and Use Documents and Forms

Just click on the PDF or Word icon for each document to open a copy of the document. You may then save the document to your PC or cloud server.

Most of the form documents are intended to be filled out on your computer and then sent to our staff  as an email attachment. Email to or fax to 813.974.2270. 

In order to edit the PDF forms correctly, you must use the latest version of Adobe PDF Reader. Please make sure you use only the Adobe PDF software, and that the version on your computer is up-to-date.

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General Information

 Internship Factsheet

A PDF version of some of the important information available on this internship site.

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ENC 4940 Internship Class Syllabus

Undergraduate students participating in the internship must enroll in the ENC 4940 Internship class. While this class requires some assigned readings as well as periodic meetings with your internship faculty supervisor, your primary responsibilities will involve work-related activities at the sponsor's facilities.

Internship Application Form

Student application form providing basic information necessary to begin the internship experience.  

Intern's Weekly Progress Report Form

Student's are required to submit a progress report each week using this standard form.

Student's Mid-Semester Internship Evaluation Form

Students are required to evaluate the internship at the midpoint of the experience. 

Student's End-of-Semester Internship Evaluation Form

Students also are required to evaluate the internship at the end of the experience.


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Sponsor Profile Form

Sponsors should complete a profile form listing basic information about your organization's mission and work requirements. Although not required, completion of this form allows the internship program to more effectively match student education and experience with sponsor needs.

Sponsor Intern Evaluation Form

This end-of-semester intern evaluation is required by all sponsor organizations at the end of the internship period. This evaluation allows the internship program to evaluate a student's work and assign a suitable grade for the academic portion of the internship.