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For Our Internship Students

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Internship Class

Undergraduate students participating in the internship must enroll in the ENC 4940 Internship class. Graduate students earn course credit through ENG 6946. While this class requires some assigned readings as well as periodic meetings with your internship faculty supervisor, your primary responsibilities will involve work-related activities at the sponsor's facilities.

Degree Requirement 

The internship is available to qualified degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students with program and department approval.

The internship is a requirement for all undergraduates enrolled as majors in the Professional Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology program.


Participating Sponsors

The faculty supervisor for your internship will match your educational background and professional goals to an appropriate for-profit or non-profit enterprise in the Tampa Bay area. The current list of internship sponsors includes software developers, advertising agencies, government contractors, publishers, internal audit and consulting companies, attorney partnerships, and a variety of non-profit agencies providing educational and social services.

Work Component Requirements

  • Complete all assigned projects and tasks in a manner consistent with professional employment
  • Observe all policies and practices of the sponsoring organization, including those concerned with confidentiality, security, and office conduct and procedure.
  • Submit a Weekly Status Report to your internship faculty supervisor
  • Complete and submit Mid-Semester and End-of-Semester Internship Evaluation Forms to your internship faculty supervisor
  • Demonstrate successful job fulfillment in the completed Sponsor Evaluation Forms 

Required Student Work Hours

Sixteen-week Fall or Spring Semester:      10 to 12 hours per week

Ten-week Summer C Semester:                  13 to 16 hours per week



Academic Component Requirements

  • Enrollment in ENC 4940 Internship Class (undergraduate) or ENG 6946 (graduate)
  • Conferences with your Internship Supervisor based upon your specific needs or your supervisor's discretion)
  • Completion of assigned weekly readings related to internships and the workplace
  • Maintenance of a professional portfolio of documents and media projects completed during your internship
  • Write a final, reflective essay (approximately 1300 words) discussing your internship and address the following points:
    1. What duties/tasks you feel were successful because of your USF Department of English coursework
    2. What duties/tasks you feel our technical/professional program provided inadequate preparation and background
    3. The overall workplace culture of the company sponsoring your internship
    4. Your contribution to the workplace culture
    5. What you gained from this experience


  • Enrollment as a degree-seeking student, either undergraduate or graduate, in the Department of English Literature, Creative Writing, or Professional Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition Programs
  • At least 12 undergraduate credit hours in upper division classes completed by the beginning of the internship semester


Enrollment is contingent upon the availability of suitable internship sponsors based upon the student's academic and career goals. Students are placed according to specific academic and experiential qualifications, including GPA, courses taken, previous employment history, recommendations, and interviews with the Coordinator of the Internship Program and a representative of the prospective internship sponsor. 

Students should consider pursuing the internship sometime during the final year of course studies.


  • Experience working in a professional office environment
  • Network with potential employers and professional contacts
  • Enhance your professional portfolio with documents and media projects created in a professional work setting
  • Gain valuable insight into possible careers in professional and technical communications

Course Credit

The internship earns 3 semester hours of credit as ENC 4940 and normally may be counted towards your undergraduate degree. Graduate students receive credit through ENG 6946. See a Department of English advisor to discuss your particular degree requirements and anticipated course credit.

Repeat Opportunity

The undergraduate internship course may be repeated with approval of the internship coordinator and the department chair. 


The internship program works with over 90 Tampa Bay companies and organizations representing a diverse range of commerical and non-profit activities. The faculty
coordinator normally works with an internship student to identify career goals and helps determine an appropriate sponsor for the student's semester-long internship. If our cohort of present sponsors does not match the student's interests, we endeavor to build a relationship with a local enterprise that can further the student's goals. 

Our active internship sponsors include a diverse spectrum of missions, including organizations involved in education, technology, marketing, law, religion, medicine, public safety, communications, sports, social welfare and other significant community efforts. 


Camp iCan

The Council on American-Islamic Relations Cancer Navigators

Crisis Center of Tampa Bay

Easter Seals

Give Kids the World (Orlando)

Giving Foundation for Children

The Home Care Team

It's All about Kids

Journey of Hope

MacDonald Training Center

March of Dimes

S4KF – Success for Kids & Families

SPCA Florida

West Central Florida Federation of Labor

TRIO Student Support Services (Pasco)


Bisk Education – Online Learning Solutions

Disney College (Orlando)

Friends of the Deaf Literacy Center

Franchise Training Institute

Hillsborough Education Foundation

Lakeland Public Library

Newsome High School


Abacode Cybersecurity

B-Lynk – Software Training

Brainworks Software

Cubic Simulation Services

Device Savers

DTS Systems – Excavation and Construction Management Software

HSA Engineers and Scientists

Khameleon Software

Luna Guitars

Magnetic Web Development

MediaLab 3D Solutions

SAIC – Cybersecurity, Data Analysis, & Cloud Hosting

Vertex Solutions – Computer Training Modules

YSI Integrated Systems – Industrial Water Quality Monitoring

Publishing & Editing

Creative Loafing

Osprey Observer

Richter Publishing

Saw Palm: Florida Literature & Art

Simply Gluten Free Magazine

Sweet Literary Magazine

Tampa Bay Parenting

Wordsmitten Media

Advertising, Marketing & Branding

Digital Mavericks

FUSE Media + Marketing

iBoss Advertising


Publix Social Media & Customer Care

Sanchez Arts – Web Design and Branding

Strategic Media – Advertising & Website Optimization

LEVO Health Branding & Marketing

Rank K.O. Reputation Management

The Penny Hoarder


Constance D'Angelis – Attorney & Author

Dade City Law – Jon L. Auvil, Attorney

Hillsborough Public Defender's Office (Julianne M. Holt)

Jason Salgado Law

Thornton, Torrence & Barnett Law

Thorpe & Thorpe


Brazil-Florida Business Council

City of Tampa Social Media Development

Office of the Governor – External Affairs Office

Office of Representative Cathy Castor

Office of Senator Bill Nelson

Hillsborough County Department of Aging Services

State of Florida Department of Revenue


St. James Church


Baycare/St. Joseph's Hospital

Florida Medical Clinic

Heartbeat International

Interim Healthcare

Magellan Bioscience Group

Meridien Research

Moffitt Cancer Center

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Consulting & Time Management


Skyberg Consulting

Human Resources

Corban OneSource

Suncoast HR

Tampa Department of Human Resources


Career Services

CAS Communications & Marketing

Center for Migrant Education


Office of Veterans Affairs


ABO: Interactive Journal for Women in the Arts, 1640-1830 (Dr. Laura Runge)

The Mailer Review (Dr. Philip Sipiora)

Department of Engineering

Dr. Wilfrido Moreno

Department of English

Advisor's Office (Sarah Wray)

Creative Writing Program (Rita Ciresi)

First-Year Composition Program (Dr. Joe Moxley)

Graduate Certificate Program (Dr. Debora Jacobs)

Internship Program (Dr. Michael Shuman)

The Practice of Creative Writing: A Guide for Students (Dr. Heather Sellers)

Public Relations (Dr. Laura Runge)

Speculative Fiction Southeast

The Writing Studio at the University of South Florida


Florida Railroad Museum

Glazer Children's Museum

Al Lopez Baseball Museum

Museum of Science Fiction (Washington DC)

Communications & Entertainment


Bulls Radio

CW44 TV Station

Gasparilla Film Festival


Heritage Media Group

Infinite Third Productions

Pilgrim Productions

Ruth Eckerd Hall

Sunscreen Film Festival

Tampa Bay Family Theatre

Tampa Bay Master Chorale

Very Copy

Walt Disney World

WUSF Radio

Fashion & Apparel


Leblanc Linen Wash

Runway Rep


Visionaire (New York City)

Public Safety

City of Tampa Emergency Coordination

Real Estate, Commercial & Construction

Bill Curry Ford

J. Powell Enterprises Realtors



Florida Trail Association

Fort Myers Miracle Baseball Team

Tampa Bay Lightning

Personal Development


United Intentions Foundation

Event Management

Oh So Classy Events

We're regularly adding new sponsers, and we do our best to ensure that your internship experience prepares you for an engaging and rewarding career. 

  Get Started

Students - Get Started with Your Internship

Stylized Hand Pressing Button

Internship Application Form

  1. Download the PDF Sponsor Profile Form by clicking the above text
  2. Save the profile form to your hard drive
  3. Complete the profile form by typing information directly into the form filelds
  4. Click the EMAIL option to submit your completed form

You should begin the application process well in advance of the semester in which you wish to participate in the internship program. As a general rule, you should complete the first step of this application process by mid-term of the semester immediately proceeding the anticipated semester for your internship experience.

  • Undergraduate Students: At least eight weeks prior to the start of your anticipated internship semester, schedule an appointment with a Department of English undergraduate advisor to discuss your degree program and to verify your qualifications for the internship opportunity

Mr. Mike Stowe

You may schedule an advisor appointment by going to the

  • Undergraduates should also discuss internship opportunities with the Director of Undergraduate Studies

        Dr. Nicole Guenther Discenza

  • Graduate students should discuss internship opportunities with the Director of Graduate Studies

        Dr. John Lennon

  • Following your meeting with your advisor or the appropriate faculty member, send an email to the Internship Coordinator and schedule a conference

Dr. Michael L Shuman

  • Prior to your scheduled conference with Dr. Shuman, complete and email the internship application form available for download at the top of this page

  • During your conference with Dr. Shuman, you should be prepared to

    Discuss your completed Internship Application Form

    Present a hard-copy of your professional resume

    Discuss your academic work to date

    Outline your professional career goals

    Ask any questions you might have about the ENC 4940 Internship class or the graduate Independent Study class

  • Dr. Shuman will match you with a suitable internship sponsor based upon faculty recommendations and your academic background and career goals and will give you contact information for the sponsoring organization.

  • Schedule an interview with your internship sponsor. In advance of your interview, you should plan to:

    • Become acquainted with your sponsor's business and work culture by reviewing available websites, publications, and other local business resources

    • Update your professional resume

    • Treat your interview as you would any other real-world employment interview

  • Following your successful interview with your sponsor organization, contact Dr. Shuman and make arrangements to sign an Internship Work Agreement form outlining specific terms of your work and deliverables for your internship experience

  • Following final Department approval of your Internship Work Agreement Form, you will receive a permit to register for the ENC 4940 internship class or Independent Study class. 

  • You must register for the course online through OASIS prior to the first week of class.


We're Proud of our Interns

Two Students Standing

Here are profiles of a few students who currently are serving as interns with companies and organizations in the Tampa Bay area. The diversity of backgrounds and interests demonstrates the scope of The Department of English Internship Program. 

Robert Browning

My name is Robert Browning, and I am a former USF student in English Literature that returned two years ago to change my degree to the Professional Writing, Rhetoric & Technology track. After spending over a decade at the same place of employment, I realized that my career path had plateaued; even if I were promoted to the upper levels there, I would still be falling short of my potential. I made the decision to return to college and have spent most of that time driving myself to make the most of the second chance I have been given. I am proud to say that I expect to graduate USF with a 4.0 GPA (fingers crossed) and plan to go to Graduate School to obtain an M.A. in Technical Communication.

While I plan to further establish myself in the world of corporate writing, I would also like to eventually segue into teaching English Literature and Composition online at the university level. Non-traditional students definitely value the flexibility of online courses; I encourage others to confront any failures in his or her life head-on. It is certainly never too late for a fresh start and any mistakes in your past are merely learning opportunities, if you let them be.

My current internship is with Conversa, a new start-up company in the Tampa Bay area. Conversa manages public relations, online media, and documentation needs for a variety of clients. They have already done work for Pfizer, the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Florida Chamber of Commerce. It is exciting to get to be a part of this nascent company on the rise, and I welcome the opportunity that the USF English Department Internship program offers. Since my resume shows that I have worked at the same company for nearly a decade and a half, I am eternally grateful for the chance to add a bit more diversity to it!

Shirley Cid

My name is Shirley Cid. I am a senior seeking a B.A. in Psychology and Professional Writing.

After completing my undergrad degree, I would love to travel to Spain as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant. After my year teaching Spanish students and learning about the Spanish education system, I would like to be admitted into either USF's or UF's School Psychology PhD program. Ideally, I will be able to conduct research cross-culturally and find methods that will improve the American education system for all students. It would be amazing if I could work with teachers, helping them construct engaging and empowering classroom curriculums. I would also love to benefit at-risk students as well as the LGBT community with my research.

I want to encourage future Hispanic, first generation, college students to strive towards happiness. I believe that by doing what will make me happy and sharing my story, I can achieve this goal.

My internship consists of working under the guidance of Dr. Moxley, to develop a new website My Campus. This new website will showcase exemplary undergrad writing and be a companion to the Writing Commons one.

Paola Rivera

My name is Paola Rivera. I am a senior pursuing a B.A. in English Professional Writing, Rhetoric and Technology and minors in Women and Gender Studies and Environmental Science.

After graduation I plan to begin working for a publishing, marketing, or graphic design company as a technical writer or graphics designer. Once I have acquired sufficient experience I would love to return to the university culture and pursue an M.A. in Women and Gender Studies. My goal is to become a professor in the field of English, Women and Gender Studies, or Interdisciplinary Sciences.

My internship is being sponsored by Bisk Education. Bisk Education is a developer of learning management systems for various universities in the United States. At Bisk I work as a technical writing intern drawing up documents that are consistent with company policy and that facilitate communication among different production groups within the company.

Donna Walker

I am Donna Walker, a senior pursing a B.A. in Creative Writing. After completing my undergraduate degree, I would like to attend The Denver Institute of Editing. As current Managing Editor for thread, USF's undergraduate literary journal, I like working with a team to produce a collection of excellent writing.  After attending The Denver Institute, I hope to be accepted into USF's MFA program to specialize in Creative Non-Fiction. I am fascinated by how my own experiences shapes the way I view the world. By recording true events happening in our world and then exploring meaning through words, I believe I join in a long line of writers recording history in unique, creative forms. My long term goal is to become a full time writer.

My internship consists of working under the direction of Dr. Sellers at Saw Palm: Florida Literature and Arts, USF's graduate literary journal. I explore new ways to increase subscriptions to Saw Palm through innovative ideas as well as contacting key audiences to increase its subscription base.


Student Resources

Picture of Earth

Professional Organizations

The Society for Technical Communication is the premiere organization promoting professional practices and opportunities for students and current communicators in the field. Some examples of people within the technical communication field are: content developers, documentation specialists, indexers, information architects, information designers, instructional designers, researchers, teachers, technical illustrators, technical writers and editors, translators, usability and human factors professionals, visual designers, and Web designers and developers.

Suncoast Chapter of the STC provides resources and networking opportunities for students and professionals in the Tampa Bay area.

USF Student Society for Technical Communication endevors to promote a greater knowledge and understanding of technical communication among members of the USF community.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Professional Communication Society fosters a community dedicated to understanding and promoting effective communication in engineering, scientific, and other technical environments.

The American Communication Association is a not-for-profit virtual professional association with actual presence in the world of communication scholars and practitioners. ACA is committed to enabling the effective use of new and evolving technologies to facilitate communication instruction, research and criticism, and to offering a technologically supportive venue for all who study the ways in which humans communicate. While the Association is based in the United States, it is a virtual organization that welcomes participation from academics and professionals throughout the world.

The Association for Business Communication (ABC) is an international, interdisciplinary organization committed to advancing business
communication research, education, and practice. The membership of the ABC, like the field of business communication, is richly interdisciplinary, drawing members from such fields as management, marketing, English, speech communication, linguistics, and information systems. The membership also encompasses communication consultants and other business practitioners. ABC has a strong membership base in North America, Europe, and Asia and the Pacific.

Academic Organizations

The New Media Consortium (NMC) is an international not-for-profit consortium of learning-focused organizations dedicated to the exploration and use of new media and new technologies. Its hundreds of member institutions constitute an elite list of the most highly regarded colleges and universities in the world, as well as leading museums, key research centers, and some of the world's most forward-thinking companies. For more than 15 years, the consortium and its members have dedicated themselves to exploring and developing potential applications of emerging technologies for learning, research, and creative inquiry.

Resume Content, Design, and Online Hosting

The Job Search Writing Section of the OWL at Purdue Online Writing Lab resource helps you prepare for the different types of writing you may do during the job search process. Topics include resources on effective word choice for job search documents, tailoring your documents for specific employers, how to conduct research on your potential employers, and job skills checklists. Resources also help you write job application letters, thank you and follow up letters, as well as effective acceptance and rejection letters. The Resume and Vita section helps you compose effective resumes and Curriculum Vitae for your job search. Topics include proper page design (which includes using white space, headings, and fonts), as well as resources on tailoring your resumes for specific employers.

VisualCV Logo

 VisualCV is a new approach to creating an Internet-based resume, building and managing an online career portfolio, and securely sharing professional qualifications with employers, customers, partners and colleagues. allows professionals to do this all in one place, with privacy and control, for free.

LiveCareer allows job seekers to easily create and maintain a professional resume that is hosted online and available for download in most common formats. Resumes are easily updated and hosted online in searchable format free of charge. Jobspice also helps you find jobs in any area that fit your qualifications and requirements using a fast, simple job search engine. You also may view popular jobs and suggested job listings based on your Jobspice activity and profile.

Multimedia Portfolio Design and Online Hosting

Krop Logo

Krop  is a personalized online Web space that provides you with easy to use tools to quickly build and present a comprehensive and professional Profile that will let you go far beyond your traditional resume to give you the competitive and professional advantage you need.

Writer's Residence Logo
Writer's Residence provides online writing portfolio creation and hosting for more traditional writing samples with minimal multimedia content. This is an excellent site for those professionals who produce traditional writing content and who wish to organize their work in an online portfolio for review by prospective employers.