Current Editors:

    Donna Walker

    Isabelle Cavazos

    Ricardo Angulo

    Breana Swinehart

    Tayler Caddy

    Sandy Bolis

    Rebecca Sternlicht

Become an Editor:

Application requirements:

  • MUST be an English major (Literature, Creative Writing, and Technical Writing; double majors are welcomed. MUST maintain a 3.5 GPA within the English major and a 3.0 overall USF GPA.MUST be entering junior or senior year with a minimum of 60 credit hours.

Qualities sought in potential candidates:

  • Clear skill in written expression; leadership ability; effective group communication; innovative vision; strong time management; positive attitude.

Other beneficial skills:

  • Experience with HTML, knowledge of publishing software (InDesign, etc.), graphic design, experience in event planning and marketing.

In an email to, please send your name, phone number, U number, major track, year, English GPA, and overall GPA, and a writing sample. Applications are due by April 14, 2015. We will conduct interviews in Spring 2015.