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First Year Composition

ENC 1101 helps prepare students for academic work by emphasizing expository writing, the basics of library research, and the conventions of academic discourse. Students employ a variety of voices (first, second, and/or third) appropriate for diverse rhetorical situations.

ENC 1102 emphasizes argument, research, and style. Through its emphasis on thinking rhetorically, providing evidence for assertions, creative thinking, and writing as a process, 1102 will prepare students for argument and research-based writing in academic settings. Both ENC 1101 and ENC 1102 explore the foundations of knowledge and learning as outlined by USF's General Education Plan. Both courses teach students learn to think rhetorically, to understand and employ a variety of writing strategies, to conduct research, and to interpret, critique, summarize, and paraphrase texts.

For more information on the first-year composition program, including a current staff list, “wiki” links, program publications, and other helpful resources for students, visit the program’s official website: